Say hello to the Safe Hands team


Someone who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided
by those of questionable knowledge. See also Wizard, Magician


Meet the magicians

A fun loving bunch of people is what we are. A mix of qualified bookkeepers and payroll professionals, some certified with Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) and some certified with Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) with some Payroll Diplomas thrown-in for good measure. One thing we are all highly qualified in, is providing great service! We become part of your team and provide you and your customers with the service you expect and more.

In a typical week we will spend some days being office-based and at other times we are at a client’s premises. We each call ourselves Client Managers… because we are more than a bookkeeper – we accurately complete the bookkeeping work and ensure the information and questions are requested from you to meet all deadlines. More than this, we provide guidance and introductions to other professionals to help you in your business. Not just a bookkeeper….

We are a small business, with a selection of friendly, high quality, hand-selected team members from the payroll and bookkeeping industry. However we provide uninterrupted and consistent service. If we work remotely, you will hardly notice when your Client Manager is away from the office – on holiday, perhaps unwell – we will keep you updated, but your service remains continuous and seamless. All work and tasks continue and every deadline met. Although you have one main point of contact, we are your finance team and you may benefit from dealing with more than one of us.


Skills (other than bookkeeping) – Sewing and cake decorating

Likes – Bike riding, weight lifting, reading, cooking, making spreadsheets (this is possibly also a skill), laughing

Dislikes – Fish (I’m actually really scared of them), reality TV, heat, celeriac with a passion

Becky Hatt

Client Manager

Skills  (other than bookkeeping) –  Qualified maths teacher, plus a mountain climber, gymnast, ballet dancer and …… and I play the recorder – one of these is true, can you guess which?

Likes – black cats, chocolate and St Ives Bay

Dislikes – waiting in a queue to speak to HMRC (or any call centre) – the repetitive messages and horrible music, heatwaves and having my photo taken

Lindsay Steer

Client Manager


Skills  (other than bookkeeping) – Classical guitar (level 4), marathon runner

Likes – chocolate, positive people, ambition and confidence

Dislikes – getting in my way, being ignored


Skills  (other than bookkeeping) – smelly guffs, snoring and being cute

Likes – sleeping, Bonios (actually any food!)

Dislikes – being woken-up being ignored

Jason Dalton & Ethel

Founder & Office Manager

Skills  (other than bookkeeping) – play bassoon in local orchestras & concert bands

Like – chocolate

Dislikes – coffee

Other interests – Brownie leader, volunteer driving (taking people to medical appointments)

Sandy Godfrey

Client Manager