Safe Hands Bookkeeping services

Relax… about your record keeping, which is a key responsibility, which you may not have the time or inclination – it appears easy, and indeed we make it straightforward and simple to understand – although ensuring the accurate recording of income and expenditure can save you tax and make sure you are remaining compliant with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Save time… by using the latest accounting software, such as FreeAgent, Xero, QuickBooks, IRIS Kashflow, VT Transaction+, Sage, ClearBooks and others and / or smartphone apps, such as AutoEntry, ReceiptBank and others …..a clear process includes Making Tax Digital (MTD) compliant accounting software and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning software PLUS time saving efficiency with apps such as MileCatcher. These all ensure you are kept up to date for the future… we share new technology tips with you, after testing it works!

Reduce cost…. by choosing the exact services, at the frequency you want. Nothing is ‘set in stone’, our relationship and service can evolve and improve… changing as your business changes and evolves. Making it easy to manage costs.

Flexible and accommodating, using the latest technology in communication we work remotely or on-site or simply collect your paperwork from you. The speed and frequency of our service is up to you, monthly comes as standard, but who wants to be standard – why wait a month, when we can guarantee 12 working days, 6 working days or 2 working days… we live in a ‘real time’ world and Safe Hands Bookkeeping delivers a friendly ‘real time’ service.

STEP ONE: Services required

What Services would you like?

You have the choice of a full range of payroll and bookkeeping services, to choose which, a selection has been grouped together, to help you choose which services are right for you. We will work together as a partnership, you completing some tasks (if you choose to) and us providing the rest of your payroll and bookkeeping tasks

STEP TWO: Speed / frequency

When and where would you like us?

Speed: Our services can also be provided at speed, depending on your requirements

Frequency: Our services can be delivered on a monthly schedule, or more frequently – twice weekly, weekly or twice monthly

Location: Although we pride ourselves on providing a remote service, while being a valuable part of your team, you may prefer we spend some time with you on-site

STEP THREE: Size of the task

How much or how little help do you need?

Our fees are based on volume of work – number of transactions, number of bank accounts, number of employees, etc. – let’s face it, we are all about numbers! We have clear pricing, so whether you have more complex or straightforward requirements, we can help

Supporting a new process is not only for new startups; simply giving your payroll and bookkeeping a refresh and changing the way you do it, requires a few changes – whether you require training to do it yourself, checking to have the confidence you have been doing it right or setting-up the new filing process, software or how to use the latest technology. We are here to help you get it right from the start!

We recommend, advise and can provide the technology to give you the edge. Scanning those receipts, checking your bank and knowing your numbers can be all done by using software and apps on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Not only making life easier and more efficient, also helping you #SafeHandsRelax

Whether you simply want the basics with help entering your bills, receipts and reconciling your purchases; want to ensure your sales income and supplier payments are as ‘sound as a pound’ with sales invoicing and bank payments being made on your behalf. Or, for the full security of knowing your numbers and your debtors are paying you. It is vital to manage your record keeping for a successful business.

The key asset in a business is people; whether it is just you, you have subcontractors or employ a team… you will want to ensure payroll, is run smoothly accurately and on-time. Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) for builders, electricians, plumbers and other similar trades, Real Time Information (RTI) for employers and Auto Enrolment to ensure pension requirements are met. All calculated and submitted accurately, on-time and seamlessly.