Bills, Receipts & ‘Out of Pocket’ Expenses’

  • Reduce cost by ensuring we capture all your expenses and accurately reclaim VAT and offset against tax (where applicable)
  • 50 transactions included

Bank Reconciliation

  • Relax and feel good, knowing your accounts are fully matched, reconciled and balanced so you
    can see at a glance what your true balance is

VAT Submission

  • Relax, knowing VAT return deadlines will be met and submissions will be accurate

Sales Invoices

  • Save Time and ensure your customers are invoiced professionally and at the right time
  • Relax with automated checking of payments is included, where regular checking of bank account is undertaken
  • Includes 20 invoice transactions, with the option to increase the amount with an ‘add-on’ to make this your own

Bank Payments

  • Reduce cost and be organised with us sending a list of payments to be made, taking full advantage of credit terms offered while staying up to date with all payments (for you to create these payments from your bank) or
  • Relax too, while staying in your supplier’s good books, allowing Safe Hands Bookkeeping to send the payments, subject to you authorising us on your bank account, directly (following a pre-agreed approval process)

Credit Control

  • Keep a healthy cash flow by leaving us to contact your customers and encourage your sales invoices to be paid prior the due date
  • Reduce cost with proactive credit control, by Safe Hands Bookkeeping, we aim to reduce your debtor days 20 contacts included


  • Save time and be ‘in the know’ with us allowing you to easily and regularly see what is going on in your business
  • Relax and have confidence in your finances by allowing us to help you to plan, monitor and achieve your financial goals